Rugged & Industrial Computers

Unmatched Power and Versatile Configuration with a Side of the Extreme

Designed for I/O intensive applications, our industrial computers, touch panel PCs and COM Express solutions offer unmatched computing power combined with versatile configurability. And, for extreme environments, we have options for extended temperature and power tolerant hardware.

Standard industrial computers that are anything but standard and custom designs that stretch the possibilities.

Manufacturing & Testing

Our 52,000-square-foot facility features over 20,000 square feet of ESD tiling. All products are visually screened using AOI and 100% of functionality is tested.

In-house Compliance

Our team of compliance engineers work hand-in-hand with customers and our production team, utilizing onsite X-ray, vibration table, and multiple environmental chambers.

Over 52,000 Custom
Production Units

The Sealevel team has designed and manufactured over 52,000 custom computing solutions across industries where communication matters most.

Industrial Computing & COM Innovation

Designed for applications where ruggedness is a must, Sealevel’s industrial computer and custom COM Express products offer a variety of form factors and processor options, long-term availability and superior life cycle management.


Get Rid of Fans

All mechanical parts eventually wear out. The typical life of a sleeved bearing fan is only 30,000 hours at 40°C — less than 3.5 years.


No Rotating Media

Just like fans, the moving parts on standard hard drives eventually wear out. But there are other problems with rotating hard drives. Vibration, shock and unexpected power loss can all cause the read/write heads to crash. Solid state drives solve these problems.


Wide Operating Temperature Range

Heat is the biggest enemy of electronics — most industrial applications need at least 0-50°C operating temperature range.


Eliminate Internal Cables

Moving parts represent the most common point of failure in an industrial system. Next on the list of trouble spots are cable connections that are notorious for becoming disconnected, even during shipping. Computer on Module (COM) designs can eliminate all or most cables.

Connectivity & Control: Where It Matters Most

From the battlefield to the oil field, and from emergency call centers to outer space, you’ll find our products going further and doing more.

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August 9, 2019

COM Express is an embedded computing specification. It is a sub-type of Small Form Factor (SFF) computers and Computer on Module (COM) devices. COM devices are modular computers, printed on a single printed circuit…

August 20, 2019

COM Express is changing the landscape of industrial technology. So what are the benefits or reasons for using COM Express technology in your industry?

April 10, 2019

As the data economy grows, access and usage of edge computing will become a substantial part of the market. By localizing action, edge machines quickly assess the situation and prompt faster…

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Over 30 Years of Design & Manufacturing Experience

Our founder got his start in the demanding environments of Carolina textile mills. He learned if you could make something run in that hot, dirty environment with temperature extremes, you could make it run anywhere. At the same time, he saw an increasing, industry-wide need for I/O and computing solutions. That same innovation and responsive thinking drive us still today.